Pride in Pricing

The true value of something is its price, divided by the number of times you use it.

People have become very used to buying things at unbelievably low prices. This has a detrimental effect on our environment and encourages extreme amounts of waste. One solution to this is buy less; spend more on quality.

Every aspect of our buildings attain the height of quality and sustainability, right through to the nature's authentic presence. We have collaborated with Manchester based Architects 'Architecture Unknown? to design beautiful natural spaces for a new time. Our Outdoor Rooms are built to last and come with the additional comfort and stamp of a Structural Engineer.

Price is not necessarily a guarantee of sustainability, just as the environmental messages some companies purport offer little more than a green wash. We believe that good business must be more transparent. With a clear aim to be an organisation for positive impact, naked build co. are open to sharing our metrics embracing a true sustainable and circular economy. The infographics below share our methods of production and provide a build up of what it costs to create our quality products.