Build Process

Your questions answered....

What foundations do I need?

Our system can work with any foundation type, provided they are constructed with sufficient accuracy or can be adjusted. It can also work on sloping sites. You will need a structural engineer to design the foundations for your site (we may be able to help you find one). It is a strongly advisable to have foundations and service connection points installed in advance.

Who will install the services? (water, electricity etc.)

Use local tradesmen....bla bla...

Can I clad the building?

Yes, we can help you design the inside and the outside of your building. There are a range of options available.

How long will the building last?

The materials are guaranteed for 60 years, which is the minimum design life for new homes, but if kept dry and safe from insect attack, there is no reason why your garden room should not last much longer than this. Timber frame buildings are extremely robust and can even last for centuries.

Does it meet building regulations?

Yes, certainly in the UK. Most building control officers will treat the these structures like any other timber frame structure. However they will require a structural engineer to sign-off the design.

How does the cost compare to other building methods?

The cost will depend on your design requirements and how much work you do for yourself. We believe in making costs transparent so you can make informed decisions. In most areas, overall cost will be similar to other building methods, but the building will be faster and easier to build, more customisable, more sustainable and higher performance. The cost will also be much more predictable, especially as the cost and risk of conventional construction is rising all the time.

Can I build it myself?

Yes, and it’s a lot of fun. But it’s important you do so in a competent, safe way, and comply with any relevant health & safety regulations and insurance obligations. By breaking the project down into discrete tasks, it becomes much easier to choose how much work you do for yourself or pay others to do.

Are you a building company?

No, however we have a growing network of approved designers, engineers, manufacturers and assembly companies who can help you realise your project. We also provide a range of additional services for design teams. Get in touch with us, let us know about your project and we’ll do our best to connect you with the support you need.