Who We Are . . .

Buildings for everyone, by everyone...

Never before has our health & well-being seemed more important, set in the context of our fragile planet. We want to offer something more for you and largest known biosphere in the universe, which is under threat.

We're an organisation for impact. We're working to build an authentic and more transparent approach to sustainability for us all. We create natural outdoor rooms, which allow us to truly reconnect with ourselves, with others and with nature.

We are often at our best in the outdoors environment and we owe it to ourselves to now make the most of new opportunities; whether that's being creative; at work; in play or resting and re-charging.

Our buildings are stylish, bespoke designs with a clever, easy construction system. They're robust, well insulated and organic; using the best natural ecological materials.

Moreover, they offer a chance to do more for nature. By installing green roofs and living walls you can provide a wildlife haven on you're own doorstep. They are not just 'for', they're as much 'of' your garden.

They offer versatile use, flexible space and provide a sense of real living for a new age with a hope for the future. Immerse yourself in nature and make a difference for the planet.

‘It’s time to reconnect with nature, the environment and ourselves. We can all do more for nature in our own backyard’

Chris Shepard
founder ‘naked build co’

Our Vision:

Where each home has access to a natural haven, on your doorstep, for true well-being.

Our Mission:

Is to draw together the tools & knowledge for sustainable design, digital manufacture and easy assembly of beautiful, low-cost, low-carbon buildings into the hands of every citizen for real natural living in a new age.