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'new natural living space that doesn't cost the earth'

Our Vision: Where everyone has access to a natural haven; for true well-being on your doorstep

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Room for You : Space for Nature

We believe in a future offering greater balance, well-being and fulfilment. We've crafted beautiful spaces - true to you, true to nature and to the planet.

'naked build' is about harvesting natural renewables without stripping the earth; with your choice in how you 'dress' your new room.

We have a range of natural buildings to suit you; whatever your needs. They're clever, calming and cosy and topped with green roofs to invite nature in. We'd love you to do the same.

We pledge support to 'Heal Rewilding' in doing more for nature.

In addition you can donate Here

Why naked build?

Each one of our buildings is made from a clever, robust, easy-fit plywood frame.

This forms the body, housing a high quality dense natural insulation; maintaining comfort levels all year round. Only then do you get to choose how to dress your new building from a selection of nature's best materials. naked build . . . without stripping the earth

So . . . naturally naked then . . . and we get to keep our HAT on . . .

Honest ...we're committed to excellent customer service always open to feedback

Authentic...we belief in the highest standards of design & sustainability

Transparent...we value fairness above all - across price, people and planet

rooms in which to flourish; outdoors - real natural living

Isn't time we unlearned all the old habits we know aren't doing us any good - late at the office, eating on the go (lunch, what lunch?), too much time stuck in traffic, too much time in front of screens, always trying to please others and never properly looking after ourselves. Time to change.

It's funny because we already know the answers; what we need to do to be more of out best self more of the time and fulfill our true potential. The change is for more quality time, for us alone. Time to think, time to focus and time to be creative, when we deliver our most meaningful work. Consider that space immersed in the natural environment; full of birdsong, the busy-ness of bees, calmness of butterflies and a gentle breeze - we're nurturing our well-being all at the same time. Our buildings are of the natural world, whichever one you choose. It's time to take the inside, out.

Office Hubs : Creative Studios : She-Sheds : Air B+B Space : Glamping Pods : Workshops

Party Room : Gym : Fitness : Yoga : Relaxation : Play Space : Hideaways : Retreats

Hygge Hutt

Cosy, mindful & immersive
Studio Hideaway

The Scandi

Stylish, versatile & natural
Real modern living

Coorie Cabin

Larger contemporary getaway
Whatever you want it to be

Installation, Self-Assembly or Support Service

We are able to provide a flexible service according to your needs. This ranges from delivery & installation on your behalf to different levels of support to allow a complete self-assembly. Self-assembly is very easy, rewarding and saves on costs . . . and is lots of fun too!

Delivery + Installation

We take care of everything on your behalf.

Support Service

Phone-a-friend and on-site support for a day.


We deliver all you need to self-assemble your beautiful new outdoor room.

Full self-assembly means you can save up to 15% of the cost

Our clever system is an absolute cinch to build!!

Using modern digital technology, the plywood frame and cassette structure is virtually mechanical free – just a small handful of screws required. The jigsaw shaped joints use computer controlled cutting to within a millimetre tolerance. If you can tackle an Ikea wardrobe, then any of our naked builds are a doddle!

Make a party out of it with a few of your friends for the weekend.

Up and waterproofed within 2 days - Our frames are amazingly quick to assemble. We’re excited at how our building system enables everyone to feel empowered to build for themselves. It is used more widely on the continent for house building. It can be lots of fun too! See what other already have to say about it . . . . .

Why naked build co.

Purpose on Price:

  • Excellent value for money

  • Quality materials used for long life

  • Transparency of cost

  • Cost saving when self assembled

  • modular design

  • robust and long lasting

  • works with circular economy by supporting nature

  • minimal cost to the environment

Purpose for People:

  • We enable everyone to build

  • Easily handled parts/no mechanical fixing

  • Rapid assembly of frame and structure

  • High quality beautiful buildings

  • Be close to nature, at your best

  • One-stop shop -design + supply + facilitate build

  • Extensive choice of cladding/appearance

  • All year round use

  • Adaptable, flexible and demountable

(building can be taken with you)

  • Any location, no matter how remote

  • Enjoy the fun of building together

  • Custom designs available

Purpose for Planet:

  • Highly sustainable approach

  • Very light environmental footprint

  • High levels of insulation roof, walls and floor

  • Demountable system for re-use or recycle

  • Contributes to nature recovery and the wider impact

  • System can be used for re-use of old buildings eg. lining barns

Building your dream together...

We can help you with:

  • Advice on planning

  • Design services

  • Support with ground work and installing services

  • Project management

Your questions answered....

What foundations do I need?

We're proud to say that our building system provides a light touch ground impact. The floor is designed as an integral structural platform supported on a handful of adjustable anchors and pads; meaning there is no need for any concrete base. Additionally, this allows further flexibility as it can also work on sloping sites (within reason - checks may be required). Ground level will typically need to be lowered and topsoil removed prior to delivery. Instructions are provided or this can be arranged and undertaken on your behalf at a separate charge.

Who will install the services? (water, electricity etc.)

These services are not provide as standard with our buildings. Each use, location and access to services will vary as much as your individual requirements. Our buildings do come fully insulated throughout with easy-fit points for light and power. We sell small room-sized biomass stoves and flue kits as part of our accessories. Our rooms provide a very affordable alternative to a house extension and we would advise you seek additional professional advise in this case as further consents will be necessary. We do recognise that there will also be other circumstances where services to the building are desired. This would need to be provided by either a local trade company or we'd be happy to provide a separate quote for this work.

Can I clad the building?

There are a range of cladding options we provide with each of our buildings, which we feel best suit their design. These have been particularly chosen for their low environmental impact, effectiveness, length of life and value of money to you. If you would like to personalise your building further, please do get in touch to discuss options. We can also help you design the inside and the outside of your building if that is a service you would like. Do drop us a line at

How long will the building last?

Our Outdoor Rooms, as the name suggests, are good enough to live in - not an extension to a house but the equivalent as a satellite. We pride ourselves in the quality of our buildings as much as the sustainability. As insulated timber panel construction they are more robust than the typical stick frame timber buildings used for new homes. With good maintenance there is no reason why our building shouldn't last a life time.

Does it meet building regulations?

Yes, certainly like any other timber frame structure, building control officers will treat these as the same type of structures. If you intent to use our buildings as a full time habitable space to sleep in, you will require separate building consent. Our structures come with structural engineers certification.

How does the cost compare to other building methods?

It's well understood in the industry that factory machined, flat-pack panel structures, delivered to site ready to build, offer considerable savings on established methods. Where our Outdoor Rooms gain real traction and further advantages is

Costs will always depend

Value is based on . . . .

The cost will depend on your design requirements and how much work you do for yourself. We believe in making costs transparent so you can make informed decisions. In most areas, overall cost will be similar to other building methods, but the building will be faster and easier to build, more customisable, more sustainable and higher performance. The cost will also be much more predictable, especially as the cost and risk of conventional construction is rising all the time.

Can I build it myself?

Yes, and it’s a lot of fun. But it’s important you do so in a competent, safe way, and comply with any relevant health & safety regulations and insurance obligations. By breaking the project down into discrete tasks, it becomes much easier to choose how much work you do for yourself or pay others to do.

Are you a building company?

No, however we have a growing network of approved designers, engineers, manufacturers and assembly companies who can help you realise your project. We also provide a range of additional services for design teams. Get in touch with us, let us know about your project and we’ll do our best to connect you with the support you need.

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